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Finger Lakes Wine Tour 9 8

Greg thank you 648 although it feels like summers coming to an end there is one thing that you can still do well into the fall that’s tour are many vineyards and for one last taste of summer here’s a look at a tour we took the summer experiencing the finger lakes with some special guests and we found out just what the banana belt means that’s not Nana’s mmm take a look so we’re starting out here and hit the car i’m here with foo narcs are Emma Frisch as well as Laura our fun tour guide for the day so we’re excited tell us a little bit about what are we doing meet Laura are knowledgeable and entertaining tour guide a three-week RV trip around Montana gave her and her husband the idea to make a tour company of their own combining travel with their love of the Finger Lakes laura is teaming up with if Icahn and celebrity chef Emma Frisch to draw attention to one particular spot of the Finger Lakes the banana belt I’m so excited to go on the banana belt I know it’s not man it’s not named for the yellow fruit but because the area has the highest temperature on the lake ideal for making some of the best red wine we all know Italy in California are known for their luscious red wine but Laura is here to tell you that you don’t have to go all the way to Roma or napa to get a good glass of red well you do it okay first up standing stone vineyards for a private vineyard tour and barrel tasting owner Marty mrs. ski showed Emma just how it’s done but maybe we should grab some glasses that’s better then it was time to move to the tasting room where we got to taste the difference between wine out of the barrel and out of the bottle paired with some local cheese then it was on to the next stop with another breathtaking tasting room owners Paul Brock with his winemaking expertise and Shannon Brock with her experience in hospitality create this relaxing environment with some world-class wines the group tried a few for themselves and came up with a delicious local pairing but before we knew it we woke from this wine tasting dream and were whisked away to the next stop Hector wine company where we go from tasting out of the barrel to tasting out of the tank the production room is full of huge tanks oak barrels and the company’s own bottling and labeling line then it was time for some more tastings and another one of laura’s creative pairings Laura’s tasty suggestion got our sweet tooth going so we decided to make one last stop for some out-of-this-world wine and chocolate pairings what better way to end a tour with a little red wine and a lot of chocolate you’re the tour features damiana is incredible Reds with regionally made chocolates everything from black tea dark chocolate to passion fruit designed specifically to go with the wine always leave it as kind of like the crescendo to end on a sweet ending to an incredible day you think damiana wine cellar sums up the entire experience perfectly um one of the things we love is celebrating where we live the culinary bounty that we live in the great producing region is fantastic and I think hopefully you’ll agree when you try the wines that we really can produce it on very full-bodied wonderful red and world class whites