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To purchase all day Transports On Saturdays for $300.00 plus tax..  Hopefully After You check my Booking Calendar. Plus the Weekday Rate of $250.00+ Can be Purchased There just follow instructions Below Please .. So taking a bit of Time really Pays Off – That’s $50 Off on Either Tour ..

If Interested Please Contact Me , from the Site Contact Form or Info@FTanT.com

This Is the Fingerlakes Transport and Tours INFO Page..  To find Weekday Deals and Discount Instructions .  Please Scroll Down the page to the Buy Now Button.. For Saturday Winery Tour Transports – Please pay on the $300.00 TAB and If You Choose Any OTHER  Day of the week Booking For our 11 AM To 6 PM Tour – then Please pay on the Week-Day Tour Button for the $250.00+ pricing..  The Main Site Only charges $377.00 which is $350+ tax .. at https://FingerlakeswineanTransport.com  Because It Operates on AUTO .. Please DO Click on my CALENDAR to SEE IF Your Favorite Tour Date Is Available !!

SIX Winery Tourists are Seated in Comfort in our Lincoln Navigator and SATURDAY  Winery TOUR Transports BOOK Quickly !!  I am Busy 44 out of 52 Saturdays per year.. Please BOOK Early..

EVEN the Friends of JESUS Are Welcome to Tour with FTanT – Just L@@K  HERE  – He Can Speak for Himself at


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