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Tasters Guild New York Wine Events Video – New York, NY Unit

hi I’m Vivian true Montana director of tasters guild New York the best way to learn about wine is to taste them we schedule more than 30 wine tastings from around the world Italy Horrigan Australia Chile Bordeaux and more tasting wine is fun as each wine is different different grapes different terroir different climate different location come and join me for a fun-filled adventure and tasting these lines

Cottage Views Bed and Breakfast, New York Finger Lakes Wine Country

hi I’m Michael and I’m Deb and we welcome you to cottage views bed and breakfast cottage views is a bed-and-breakfast located in the heart of New York finger lakes wine country with over 30 wineries and breweries at our fingertips our breakfasts are hearty and nobody has ever left hungry we have our eggs delivered fresh from free-range hens next door and we source our produce from many many farm stands from the surrounding area I think our goal was to create a place that was low key and inviting for people to just come and go and enjoy this beauty of the Finger Lakes the wine nature we hope that the people that stay here love it as much as we do that’s why we moved here let’s take a look at the rooms we have three to choose from the writers den is a two bedroom suite two small bedrooms that are connected by a bathroom each room is named after our favorite authors Emily Bronte and Shakespeare one room obviously is a little bit more feminine than the other they’re both comfortable although it’s one of our smaller rooms it’s actually one of our most popular rooms because it has a private entrance and exit and also it has a deck that overlooks the lake the Renaissance room is a more luxurious room has a queen sized bed it has a private full bath with the tub it has a personal refrigerator in the closet very romantic very soft very soothing atmosphere we also capture that with the bathroom and the colors that we chose you know when you walk into the room I i think it’s it’s just a really beautiful feel it is right in the center the heart of the home the London room also has a private entrance and exit to the house this has a king-size bed and a personal refrigerator and it’s the only room that’s equipped with sound equipment so that you can watch movies and listen to music in the room cottage views is a TV free zone but we do have Wi-Fi throughout the house and the room was tastefully done in honor of john lennon he was Michaels childhood hero built in eighteen hundred cottage Jews was originally a stop off point for cattle drivers and it has always been an inn of some kind the last 30 years or so it’s been known as Maxim’s bed and breakfasts and it was here in 1994 when studying to be a sommelier that I stayed and walked every morning to Wagner vineyards right next door i sat on this very deck just dreaming one day of owning a bed-and-breakfast in wine country a few years ago Deb and I were driving by and it was a for sale sign on this house we talked about it and we said let’s make it happen Michael and I we have the same vision we would just sit and talk about how we wanted the rooms to look and so you know every room is a reflection of both of us and our love of this area and just what we wanted to bring for our home and also to the guests that will be visiting us for years to come we hope we love hearing our guests say it was just like staying at a friend’s house I’ve been in the restaurant business all my life and now I’m back in the kitchen doing breakfast I’ve come full circle we are living our dream I mean it’s just so beautiful here yeah you